Hendrik Mueller

Hendrik Mueller

Atelier Hendrik Müller
Wölkham 1b
D-83128 Halfing
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Hendrik Müller was born in 1949 and he has been fascinated by cars since his  childhood. As a boy he was drawing fantasy cars he wished to drive as a grown-up. Now, in his later years, he prefers to paint technical highlights of vintage cars.

Many of his paintings are commissions based on detailed photographic studies of the subjects from all angles, taken by the artist himself. This still preparative stage of the artwork already conveys the idea of angle and crop for the later piece. BMW has recognized his work on more than 40 covers of the BMW magazine and used his work for big screen prints of BMW Show booths in Tokyo, Japan, and Turin, Italy. Hendrik is an 'auto'-didact in both senses of the word. He is a true self-made artist who has learned his trade from the bottom up.

Some observers of his art tend to think he may be a photographer and he has only himself to blame for it. With his perfect paintbrush technique, Hendrik executes his projects to such perfection that anyone would be forgiven to mistake them for photos.

Most likely the artist carries a couple of drops of gas in his veins and it is always a suspenseful experience waiting to see his latest work of art.