Volume 6 No 2 September 2015

Sculpting at the 30th AFAS Anniversary at Pebble Beach 2015


At the 30th Anniversary of the AFAS at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance we had an amazing exhibit of fine automotive artwork from all our members from around the world as well as a group of Japanese guest artists.

Among these AFAS artists is a small group of very talented sculptors. I think it is important to notice that each sculptor has their own unique style and their imagery shows such a wide range of talent and in addition each one has grown and developed over the years.

I would like to share my personal pleasure and thoughts of being one of the sculptors and to share my visions and creations with all those who attended our exhibit during those two days and to those reading this article.

To me, designing or creating an automotive sculpture is very similar to the actual automotive design process. The only difference being that one of them might have to be more functional than the other.

The function of the automobile is pretty obvious but the function of the sculpture might be something as simple as giving pleasure to the viewer or to elicit a response on some level, to encourage them to physically move around the piece, maybe touch it or just to notice how the piece changes with each new angle.

To those that know my work you have probably heard the phrase “FORM FOLLOWS FANTASY” which to me is the whole essence of my work and I hope for some of the others as well.

Exploring form has always been a major part of the sculpting of the automobile, each with their classic shapes and forms that almost always suggest speed and movement. Examples might be certain older Bugatti models, Delahayes, Ferraris, etc. as well as many of the new exotic supercars.

This process starts with a period where one goes searching and researching a particular automobile or a certain fascination with a particular brand. It could be it’s iconic design, it’s shape or form, it’s appeal to various audiences, or one’s personal love or relationship for that vehicle, etc.