Volume 7 No 1 April 2016

Art Fitzpatrick
Sadly I have been writing too many of these lately... Art Fitzpatrick passed away in November just short of his 97th birthday. Art was an honorary member of the AFAS and a man I am privileged to have called a friend. Take a second look at Art's story ...here »   Art's work is also reviewed in an article in this issue by Wallace Wyss...Fitzpatrick retrospective »


Nelda and Bill Neale
I am saddened to report that Nelda Neale passed away recently. My great and fond memories of Nelda center around our totally opposite political views. I once jokingly remarked to Bill about how "tough" Nelda was and he responded... unforgettably and with great affection: "ya, she's tougher than a Mexican blue plate special". I am also saddened to report that Bill is in the hospital and not well. We all hope to see Bill once again at Pebble Beach. Bill Neale retrospective »


Harold Cleworth leaving AFAS
Long time AFAS member Harold Cleworth has decided to retire from AFAS membership. Says Cleworth "It has come time for me to tender my resignation from the AFAS. It has been over 20 years since I joined and I feel like I have thoroughly explored my muse. Whilst I am not done with the subject I would like to see what else is inside me." We last reviewed Harold's work in August 2013, take a look ...here »  Good luck Harold.

Artist Profiles: Phylis Krim
A fond retrospective look at the work of the late AFAS artist. ...Phylis Krim »

Artist Profiles: Yuron Shevchenko
A broad review of the surreal work of the Ukrainian artist. ...Shevchenko »

Artist Profiles: Watanabe,Ouchi, Inagaki
We take a look at the non-traditional "fine art" work of a trio of Japanese artists featured as Guest Artists at the 2015 AFAS exhibition. ...Guest Artists »


European Report: RAC Show

Our European correspondent Tony Clark returns with a feature on THE ART OF MOTORING EXHIBITION - London 26th to 31st October, 2015. The exhibition was promoted and sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club in Pall Mall. It was held over two floors at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery on Pall Mall. A number of European based AFAS members participated in this event. ...RAC Show »


Digital Based Art
I had dedicated a lot of space in the previous issue to the subject of digital based art. In the interim period I have seen some very good and predictably some very poor examples so in many ways I'm just as undecided about it's "art quality" as I was then. Phil Ward is one of the talented ones and we are pleased to present a look at his work in this issue: ...Phil Ward

Next issue
Coming in September, our next issue will feature our usual in-depth review of the AFAS Premiere Exhibition at the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance along with a report on all of the varied and frenzied activities of Car Week.


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