Volume 6 No 1 April 2015

five years... it's hard to believe we're entering our fifth year of publication. I'll be the first to admit that we really didn't know where we were headed but I'm happy to say we're still here and we continue to grow. It's interesting and informative to look back on our earliest issues. The changes in layout and concept are staggering ...culminating in this issue which is now completely mobile ready. It doesn't matter what viewport you use to read our publication, it immediately accomodates your screen size.


Margit Motta
A friend ...and a friend to AFAS... has passed away. Margit was Bill Motta's wife. I generally only saw Margit once a year at the Pebble Beach AFAS exhibition. We would have animated conversations about all things political (we had similar political views) and sadly over the past few years, I saw my friend slowly diminish as her illness relentlessly stole her away.

Margit was a great supporter of AFAS being, among other things, the first manager of the AFAS exhibition at Amelia Island. It is with great sadness that we offer Bill our condolences.

Akron 2014 - one big hit
A very successful Stan Hywet Concours d'Elegance took place last fall in Akron Ohio. Premiering with rave reviews, the Concours will be no more. I think most were shocked with the announcement that the first would be the one and only. Read more here: more here »


No AFAS Show at Amelia
For the first time in many years, there was no AFAS exhibit at the Amelia Island Concours for 2015. "AFAS was unable to resolve a contract issue with the Amelia Island Concours d' Elegance management this year therefore AFAS decided not to mount our Exhibition there." said AFAS president Ken Eberts. "However we would like to thank Mazda for it's continued support as our sponsor."


Artist Profiles
We present a 20 year revisit with AFAS member Nicola Wood » in this issue.
We also take a look at the wonderful pencil work of Ed Tillrock »


Tony Clark's European Report
Our European correspondent Tony Clark returns with an in-depth report on Dexter Brown's exhibition this past February. The prestigious one–man show was held at the New Bond Street auction rooms of Bonhams auctioneers. Dexter Brown »


The change in our publication dates was brought about primarly by our need to provide more immediate coverage of the major shows. We previously presented previews for the two major AFAS shows: Amelia and Pebble Beach.

The problem is that our full show coverage took place some 6 months after the events. September and April dates allow us to provide more timely coverage...and frankly, I'm not even sure why it took us this long to figure it out...although, we passed on our Amelia exhibition just in time for our new issue...you just can't win.

We've started an indexing project of all contents from our very fisrt issue. The Issues Index » has links to our archived issues organized by subject. Take a look.


The big news for our next issue is a full-issue coverage of the 30th anniversary of the Automotive Fine Arts Society. Beginning with in-depth coverage of the AFAS premiere exhibition at Pebble Beach, we will also present stories on the history and members of the Society. Watch for the issue release in mid-September.

Jay Koka, Publisher

jaykoka@nitebridge.com »