Jacques Cochin

by Jay Koka

We ran a story on Jacques Cochin's work in the December Update Issue of the magazine Jacques Cochin and I commented in the story that I don't like artwork that is essentially "pictures of cars" and my thoughts on automotive themed photography tend in the same direction. And like I said in that review, the focus of this publication is not photography but again I must observe that Cochin's work is irresistible in its conception and in quality of execution.

I ran into him again this year at the Paris Retromobile show where we had stands near each other. And as is usual, conversations flourish between participants at quiet times throughout the show and it was during one of these that he spoke of a book some 20 years in the making (coming soon! ...2023?) as well as the publication reviewed here.

Large at 12.5 x 16.5 x 1" (30 x 40 x 2.5cm) it initially looks like a "book" but is in fact a portfolio of 24 individual photo proof sheets each 11.75 x 15.75" (30x30cm). Each sheet presents a diptych of a woman and a car detail with brilliant, thoughtful pairing.

Cochin: "Life is beautiful! ...I use photography in the pursuit of my passions - beauty, speed and surrealism.

...traditional views of the world blur, especially in the relationship that women have with cars - in the past they were unidirectional macho status symbols; today they are prime examples of Ying and Yang. Through morphing, reality can dissolve like in a distorting mirror..."

Here are just four examples of the 24 individual sheets contained in the portfolio...

PORTFOLIO : 24 diptychs in 24 plates + legends plate
TEXT : from Jacques Cochin
ARTWORK : Jacques Cochin
BINDING : box – 5th silver colour –brilliant film – thickness 3cm – numbered from 1 to 500 (hot stamping)
FORMAT : 32 x 42 cm
PAPER : mat coated paper 350 g with black background in 5th colour – mat film and brilliant on visuals
TYPOGRAPHY : Nicolas Cochin
EDITOR : Publishing house LAMPSAQUE
PRINTER : Printing office STOFFEL-Rosny s/s Bois
YEAR : July 2003
PRINTING : 500 copies numbered on the edge of the slipcase (hot stamping)
ISBN : 2-911825-06-3

The numbered edition is still available, 150€ plus shipping. To order, go to, open "publications" and choose "Modus Ex Machina", at the bottom: choose the destination: France, Europe or World, then click to "pay" with Paypal or Visa.

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