March 2019:

Robert and Carol Paglione collection sale

Well known collectors Robert and Carol Paglione are offering their extensive automotive themed art collection for sale. Comprised of over one hundred unique items, the collection includes works by some of the best known automotive themed artists like Brown, Eberts, Hale, Hearsey, Koka, Owens, Rowe, Sikorski, Wanlass and more. The collection also features antique works by Rori, Van Cleemput, Lladro.
Available individually or as a group, contact Robert Paglione for details.
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"43/1000's" , Jay Koka

"Spin and Win" , David Lord

"A Woodward Ave Home 1910" , Ken Eberts

Estate Sale: original and print works

1. Early Jay Koka. Original work titled "43/1000's" commemorating very close Indy finish. Approx 37"w x 22", framed.

2. Early David Lord. Original work titled "Spin and Win". Approx 48"w x 22", framed.

3. Ken Eberts print: Title "A Woodward Ave Home 1910" print on paper #836/1485, framed.

Art is located in Michigan, USA, Seller is a private collector:
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Space in this "Art For Sale" feature is available to private collector sellers only.
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